Study in Melbourne


Finding the right place to live is so important and will mean you can take full advantage of your education adventure.

Victoria, Australia offers you a lifestyle that encourages you to be confident and helps you to be successful. Whilst living here you can prepare yourself and get the support to take your next steps in life.

Federation Square, Fitzroy Gardens & Melbourne lane culture


Melbourne consistently ranks in the top ten cities in the Global Liveability Index list. Which means you can experience a high quality of life. Melbourne is a hub of activity, and offers something for everyone, no matter what your goals might be.

Melbourne offers:
– A world-class education system
– Warm, welcoming, and friendly people
– A comfortable climate
– Diverse recreational opportunities
– Affordability
– Stability and peace
– Clean living
– High-quality public services, housing, and transport.


Each year, thousands of international school students from all over the world choose Victoria as a place to study.
Almost all our international school students then decide to stay in Victoria for their further education. Find out more about living in Victoria.

Victoria is the number one choice for international school students because it offers:

Strong academic performance

–  Our schools and universities are high performers academically – Find out more about Victoria’s school system.

Vibrant lifestyle and culture

–  Melbourne and our student cities are inspiring where you can discover theatre, live music, comedy clubs and much more.

–  Melbourne is well known for its international culture, art, literature and music scenes.

Something for everyone

–  There are so many cultures embedded into the way of life in Melbourne and Victoria.

–  You’ll easily find an aspect of your own culture to make you feel you’re living in a ‘home away from home’.

A mild climate

–  Victoria has a warm, temperate climate ideal for you to keep healthy whilst studying.

Good connections to other cities in Australia and the world

–  From Melbourne, it’s easy to get to other parts of Australia or the rest of the world.

–  Melbourne international airport is the second busiest airport in Australia.


Are you looking to study in a city where you can study and be yourself?

Melbourne offers an ideal pace of living. It’s more peaceful than many big cities around the world, but still so cosmopolitan and exciting.

It’s the perfect city for a young and curious mind. If you’re active and like to explore new places, you’ll love life in Melbourne.

Two students holding a poster in the foreground, 4 students studying together at the park in the park background


Melbourne is Australia’s Top Student City – and is among the Top Ten Cities in the World for students in the QS Best Student Cities Index for 2022.

Can you picture yourself walking through Melbourne’s laneways, drinking coffee at a café, enjoying a picnic in one of our many parks and gardens, watching sport at our world-famous MCG, or devouring yum cha in Chinatown? All of this and much more is on offer in Melbourne making it an amazing city to live and study in!

Diverse and welcoming

Nearly half of our multicultural population have family and friends who live abroad. So, you can expect to find your own little piece of home – with familiar food and things that you recognise and can find somewhere in Melbourne.

A city full of creative secrets and iconic buildings

Central Melbourne is carefully planned and it is easy to get around the regular street grid. But you’ll also find creative cultures and artwork everywhere you look. The buzz and the energy impresses visitors from all over the world.

Locals and visitors meet at gathering places like Federation Square and Southbank along the Yarra River to socialise, celebrate or simply share a mutual love for the city.

Zigzag through the city by exploring our laneways and arcades. Jump on a tram to find little suburban ‘villages’. The city is full of secrets, and you can always find something new to discover. Melbourne also has striking modern architecture, with a mix of contemporary structures and prominent 19th and 21st century buildings and spaces.

Melbourne’s heritage buildings include:

Flinders Street Train Station

Melbourne Town Hall

The former General Post Office (the GPO)

Shrine of Remembrance

Royal Exhibition Buildings

Some of our more recent urban developments include:

Federation Square

Southern Cross train station

Melbourne Museum

Docklands Precinct.

Fun by the water

Melbourne’s bayside location means there are many fun and exciting areas located on the water’s edge with beaches perfect for relaxing, swimming and snorkelling.

The Yarra River runs through the heart of the city from east to west. Bridges, boats, bikes and paths cross the river at different points. The river is popular for social, sporting and cultural activities.

Iconic Brighton Beach Bathing Huts

Cafe culture, how to get around, climate and staying safe

Amazing food – If you love food, then Melbourne’s the place for you.

Melbourne is undoubtedly the food capital of Australia

you’ll have plenty of choice with cuisines from nearly every country on earth.

Flexible transport – Melbourne is so easy to navigate

Travel by tram, train, bus, car, bike or on foot. You’ll get a different feel for the city depending on your choice

Our schools have good public transport links and are within easy travelling distance of the city

Universities have campuses in the city centre and suburbs if you’re exploring your tertiary study options.

Secure, liveable communities

Leafy suburbs can be found in all directions, and each has their own unique character

One of these suburban communities may become home if you choose to study here – with plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants, entertainment, medical and other facilities close by

Assistance from your school and homestay is available 24 hours a day and is easy to access – helping you feel safe and secure

There are also police and protective officers located throughout major city centres and at train stations for added security, even at night.

Melbourne’s pleasant climate brings out the best in the city 

Temperatures average 14 degrees in winter and 30 degrees in summer and rainfall averages 55mm per month

Each of the four seasons shows the city in a different light.

This subtle beauty and variety will make you increasingly love Melbourne, the longer you’re here.